The Ultimate Solution For ELIMINATION of Age Old Salt Corrosion Issues

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Salt proofing for Bonneville Salt Water Road Salt and Brine WE PROTECT U against it.


Each SALT Section area has specific implementation details
Each of these involvements has severe corrosion problems that impact their machinery and possessions causing unnecessary replacement and resource usage. USA Fluid puts a diamonic encapsulation over ALL surfaces to inhibit the attack of salt ! Period.

Paint - Metal - Aluminum - Bearings and Drive Train - Pumps - Vinyl - Wood Finishes - USA Fluid Does this all Effortlessly..

Make sure your team and vehicles are Saltproofed with USA Fluid! Order it Now and Get Er Done !!
The cost of NOT Saltproofing your stuff is $$ Thousands of dollars down the drain in salt attack on wasted vehicles, tools and equipment.

5 Gallon Pail And Canister Combination USA Fluid Saltproofing Fluid Treatment for ALL machinery and under chassis treatment USA Fluid Saltproofing Fluid and Pickling Sauce for Machinery.

Foam Oil Case
ONE TIME Liquidation Special $40 Per Case + S&H
(Original Retail was $359 per case)
High Quality Industrial Foam Oil Lube & Surface Overcoating In Spray Cans
Very Heavy Consistency Clings to surfaces
IN Stock For Immediate Shipment To Shop or Salt..
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Saltproofing With USA Fluid is a total machine solution.