Saltproofing With StrongArm Fluid is a total machine solution.
USA Fluid Corrosion Inhibitor Preservative
Operating in the Most Desolate WIDE OPEN Place of it's kind !!
The World Of SALT

Behold The Game Changer -
The Ultimate Solution For ELIMINATION of
Extreme Salt Corrosion Conditions Of The Bonneville Salt Flats

Rust Won't Grow When THIS Saltproofing is on it

Right Now you have a computer phone in your pocket more powerful
than the computers that put a man on the moon !!
And People Are still living with rust and corrosion the same as when Columbus discovered America !!
Well ALL that Just Ended !

USA Fluid Saltproofing Brings you into the modern world !
Scroll Down to See some pictures and videos of of the various Land Speed Teams Machines and

BNI Operations implementing USA Fluid for Saltproofing on their Equipment and Stock.
This is NOW a different world. A world where Rust and Corrosion on Everything is Non Existent !
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When You have Salt Fever Saltproofing comes in real handy.

"A World Without The Pain Of Rust !!
It's a mere pittance of an investment instead of replacement !
It's saving our trailers and trucks. I love it !!"

...Sunbeat Sunglasses Vendor on the SALT

Heads Up Saltproofing Treatment for Machinery in storage ??
After Salt Flats Water Brine impact

BULK ORDERS Saltproofing USA Fluid in stock ready to ship !

 We Work before setup crews arrive and apply Saltproofing onto
ALL Trailers and Equipment going out onto the salt for Speedweek.

Remember Your After The SALT Event Cleanup
Treat & Preserve Your Trucks Trailers
and Team Machinery going to and coming back from the SALT.

For Procurement and Availability CALL Fready the "Saltproofing Guy"
641-745-9360 Direct Voice Only Non Text Mobile

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Saltproofing Setup on Bonneville Salt Flats
Click here to listen to Saltproofing on SpeedWeek Radio

Find us At Bonneville Speed Week and World Finals ON THE SALT
Right by The Food area and Impound by Sunbeat Sunglasses

in a Blue Tarp with Saltproofing Banners
also shown above and in more detail after the pictures below.
Saltproofing Testimony Review
Saltproofing Participant Teams
909 doing 300 MPH
# 909 Streamliner Speed Nymph Garage
Goes 334 MPH
7707 Salt Shaker
2018 Speed Week Record Run Video
#7707 Salt Shaker Team
Blown Fuel Roadster

7707 Salt Shaker at Starting Line
“This is brilliant stuff. So easy to use”
"Just to let you know the trailer and truck came-back super clean thanks to you. By the way we set the record for A / BFRMR at 258.7 with a top speed of 265 and change.  So there you go.... you are part of the record setting team. !!!!"
....Geoff Stilwell
Land Speed Car # 9093 Larry Anderson Saltproofed
# 2093 
2005 Dodge SRT-4 The Colorado Bullet
#931 Paul Friebus American Cycle Fabrication Saltproofed 37 Harley Land Speed Machine
# 931 Paul Friebus - AmericanCycleFab.Com

"I have been ecstatic with this product for 15+ Yrs!
It has a great dielectrical strength
I wouldn't go to Bonneville without it !"


Watch Paul Friebus of giving a short professional shop talk and tour along with a tour of all their shops and various operations.

"It's changed my life when it's come to racing at Bonneville.  I mean I can't believe my parts throwaway has diminished to virtually ZERO. Hardware and cables and wiring and not only that but It's also eliminated the time and effort that you need to take things apart."
... Paul Friebus - American Cycle Fabrications

  Click Here for A web page from over A Decade ago
930 Randy Speranza # 919 # 930 # 944
Randy Speranza
424 Charlie Ross Foo Y Ri Racing #424B Foo Ryi Racing
Charlie Ross Scotland, U.K.

ALL Teams from Abroad in Europe, Australia and N.Z.
Order bulk and carry it back in the container with
the land speed racer and tools and equipment.

Le Triplettes De Bonneville
Le Triplettes de Bonneville Team fully Saltproofed
Le Triplettes de Bonneville Team
Representing France

French Land Speed Racing Team With USA Fluid Saltproofing
  Happily Shows Saltproofing & Foam Oil Overcoating
With Long Term Staying Power to treat their Machines.
Streepy On Salt
# 382
Streep Rods Racing
OMRA Land Speed Racing # 370B
OMRA Land Speed Racing # 618B

# 370 # 618
OMRA Land Speed Racing Team

OMRA Land Speed Bike on the lift in the pits and on the Salt in Bonneville. Notice how the Chain and entire Machine is completely Saltproofed and Rust Free
After Setting Timing Records on the SALT. This Entire Machine - all surfaces, chains and moving parts is Treated with USA Fluid Saltproofing..
# 1800 with Christene Creel after setting records
Christine Creel relaxing on # 1800
right after record setting run.
This Machine Also Set 2 New Records
2 days in a row during 2018 Speedweek !

# 1800 B GoldWing Keny Lyon

# 1800 at Tech Impound Inspection at Speed Week
The machine is undergoing tech inspection
of cylinders at Impound after a record run.

# 1433 Diamond Mob UK Land Speed Racer

# 1433B Diamond Mob of England; U.K.
This Team Made it into Tech Impound
many times during Speed Week. Well Done !

Pristine Machine with No Degradation.

Diamond Mob UK with Machine
Wendt Indy Car On Salt 1959 Indy Car
Bill Wendt
Danny Thompson Challenger II
Danny Thompson Challenger II
Treatment of Machinery and Transport Vehicles

That Stuff's The Bomb !!!!!
Our entire truck is undercoated with this Saltproofing !! "

Crew Member tells us on The Salt

Pix Not Yet Obtained 06 Mustang C/F/G Coupe
Pix Not Yet Obtained # 738 Red Firebird
# 432 Renck C Gas Roadster
# 432 C Gas Roadster 237 MPH
Ed Renck

"Just washing and cleaning everything up after speedweek cost us $2,900. Add to that the changing Rusted out Disks and Parts on the car and the trailers and the trucks every year that cost several $ Thousand plus Time. A $130 investment in SALTPROOFING has eliminated ALL of that!"
Car #1928 Running on course
# 1928 1973 Olds
Kisinger Racing
Kisinger Racing Poster

The Spectators

Saltpfroofed T Bird - this spectator comes to the Bonneville Salt Flats with that vehicle all the way from Vancouver.
This Vintage T-Bird is Saltproofed.
The owner drives it all the way to
The Bonneville Salt Flats from Vancouver, Canada

This Spectator Group Comes down from Washington State with Honda Trails
Totally Saltproofed End To End -
They dudes cruise the Pits and The Salt Flats going hundreds of miles during Speedweek.
Note how beautifully that old lead based paint
is restored sealed and protected..!

Saltproofed Honda Trail Bike Honda Trails ALL Saltproofed
32 Plymouth Saltproofed Traveled 670 Miles to Salt
This 32 Plymouth Traveled 670 Miles to Speedweek.
The Gold Candy Apple Red Paint is over 40 Years Old!
It was completely saltproofed underneath and throughout. This is the pristine condition of the suspension after 700 Miles on the road and salt..
Saltproofed Suspension after 700 miles.
Completely Preserved and Corrosion Free.
Saltproofed Blue Honda Trail Cruises Hundreds of Miles on the Salt Flats..

Bonneville Operations

Saltproofing the SCTA-BNI Trailers as Speedweek ends
when they all come off the Salt and get put away
into storage until the following year.

IF you have Trucks and Team Trailers with machines that run on the salt
Now is the time to insulate them from the attack of the salt.
That includes ALL Hauling Trucks and Trailers, Tools, Racers, Campers,
Generators and so on that will make the trip to the Salt Flats.

Here's the Latest Prepare for Bonneville Saltproofing
Vehicle Treatment With Rechargeable Canister Orientation Video..

This shows implementation for Preservation of Your -
Cars Trucks Trailers Land Speed Racers and Support Vehicles

This is the Wheel Packer that has been out on the Salt since 2014 when the flood hit.
It was preserved than and is still nearly rust free now all over as it gets treated after
all the water and salt that was inside it has been drained out.
AS it rolls on the salt for hundreds of miles the salt flies up and into the tank
making the water a super concentrated salt brine which eats metal up big time.
After Saltproofing The Surface is Now Locked Down Against Corrosion.

At Impound right after Setting Records over 170MPH.
See the machine right after making the run on the salt.
The Saltproofing IS Fantastic.

Paul Friebus 37 Harley Record Setting Land Speed Racer
Saltproofing Statement

Over 3,000 Miles on the salt administrating operations for a month
Lattin's Truck serves as the ultimate Salt Exposure Guinea Pig.

SCTA-BNI President Bill Lattin's Saltproofed Truck.

Salt coated Service Truck during Speedweek..
For people who have never been out here...
This is not snow - It's 102 degrees F (38.8C) out here..
It's the Salt Coating on one of the SCTA-BNI official's service trucks as Speedweek is getting underway.

It's the SALT coating on the SCTA-BNI officials vehicles.
Bonneville Salt Flats Fender
Driving 50 miles per day out on the salt administrating operations results in a SALT coating over the vehicle and framework.

Shown in this video above is the
Canister Charging and USAGE on your engine compartments and vehicle chassis.
We are Saltproofing the car showing in the above videos for speedweek.
The vehicle is now Totally protected against exposure.

Saltproofing Setup on Bonneville Salt Flats
ON THE SALT FIND Saltproofing At This Blue Tarp and Logo Banner
JUST DOWN FROM IMPOUND On the Access Road Causeway

Here's SpeedWeek Radio from near the end of SpeedWeek
when by that time all the Saltproofing Sold Out
Because of Logistics we bring a limited supply of Saltproofing to the salt.
This is why you should order bulk to your shop ahead of time
or order on the salt for delivery to your shop for cleanup when you get back.

This Saltproofing is One Of A Kind
Just Like the Bonneville Salt Flats !

Saltproofing Flyer for Speed Week Participitants.

Make sure your team and vehicles are Saltproofed with USA Fluid!
Order it Now and Get Er Done !!
The cost of NOT Saltproofing your stuff is
many $$ Thousands of dollars down the drain
in wasted vehicles, tools, time and equipment.

5 Gallon Pail And Canister Combination USA Fluid Saltproofing Fluid Treatment for ALL machinery and under chassis treatment USA Saltproofing Fluid and Pickling Sauce for Bonneville Land Speed Racing Machinery.

Preservative Treatment Salt Proofing For Machinery


Saltproofing Canister for Treating Bulk Areas..
USA Fluid Gallon Bulk Container Saltproofing Supply and Usage.
Buy Gallon and Canister of USA Fluid..
Gallon and Canister Combo Units
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These SpeedWeek involvements have severe corrosion problems that impact their machinery
and possessions causing unnecessary replacement and resource usage.
USA Preservation Fluid Saltproofing puts a diamonic encapsulation over ALL surfaces to prevent the attack of the SALT !! Period.

Paint - Metal - Aluminum - Bearings and Drive Train - Pumps
Vinyl - Wood Finishes - Leather - Canvas - Tool Sets - Wiring and Batteries
USA Fluid Does this all Effortlessly..
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  IF you've Never been to the Bonneville Salt Flats Before ?
Then Visit this Orientation Website TheBonnevilleSaltFlats.Com

Saltproofing With StrongArm Fluid is a total machine solution.