Operating out in the Most Desolate WIDE OPEN Place in the World !!

Behold the Ultimate Solution For ELIMINATION of
The Age Old Extreme Salt Corrosion Issues
On The Bonneville Salt Flats

Here's some pictures of of the various Land Speed Teams and Machines..
BNI Operations implementing USA Fluid for Saltproofing on their SALT Equipment and Stock.
When You have Salt Fever Saltproofing comes in real handy.

2016 Salt Conditions Update

Find us At SPEEDWEEK ON THE SALT by Impound and Sunglasses
in a Wind Ravaged Blue Tarp as seen right here below...

Bonneville Teams
and Spectators
Bonneville Operations

In Impound after Setting Records over 170MPH.
The Saltproofing IS Fantastic.

Paul Friebus 37 Harley Record Setting Land Speed Racer
Saltproofing Statement

Over 3,000 Miles on the salt administrating operations for a month
Lattin's Truck serves as the ultimate Salt Exposure Guinea Pig.

SCTA-BNI President Bill Lattin's Saltproofed Truck.

American Cycle Fabrications Racer IS Saltproofed and Treated End to End with StrongArm Fluid
This American Cyclefab 37 Harley Flathead is completely Saltproofed and coated with USA Fluid over the entire machine front to back tire.
Saltproofing the Giant Drag at Mile Zero on the Bonneville Salt Flats
Here's Saltproofing with USA Fluid at Mile Zero long before any of the lanes and courses are even laid out for the SpeedWeek activity that happens.
"I have been ecstatic with the product !
It has a great dielectrical strength"I have been ecstatic with the product !
It has a great dielectrical strength
I wouldn't go to Bonneville without it !"

Here's Paul Friebus of giving a professional talk
along with a tour of all their shops and various facilities
Watch his Complete Dissertation on using USA Fluid SALTPROOFING
I wouldn't go to Bonneville without it !"

Here's a Rare View of Mile Zero on the SpeedWeek Courses. See the Giant 6 Ton Drags getting Saltproofed right over the salt already on them. Then watch them go back to work grooming the salt for building up the different courses. Land Speed Racer Totall Saltproofed with StrongArm Fluid
"It's changed my life when it's come to 
racing at Bonneville.  I mean I can't believe my parts throwaway has diminished to virtually ZERO. Hardware and cables and wiring and not only that but It's also eliminated the time and effort that you need to take the things apart." ... Paul Friebus
Brand New Wheel Packer gets Saltproofed and goes to work on the Bonneville Salt Flats
This Brand New Wheel Packer is getting outfitted by the SCTA crew just before the 2014 Floodweek struck. It's ready for several days of rolling over 500 miles over the courses and return lanes and access roads making several passes to get the surface groomed and lane widths correctly pressed. After that it sits idle 'all salted up' waiting for upcoming events when it the process is repeated.
Kenny Lyons GoldWing Streamliner and bike on the salt
Record Setting GoldWing Bike and Streamliner out on the Salt Note: For those who have never been here: The mountains in the background are from 40 to over 100 miles away... And that's just the corner of the place! If you turn the other way it's 160 miles out over flat open Salt horizon..
Like being out in the middle of nowhere ? Then here's your place !! being applied to the wheel packer as it goes to work on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Saltproofing the brand new wheel packer with the USA Fluid Canister. All exposed metal, joints, seems, pivots and bolted areas are treated in this manner.
Preserving the $15,000.00 investment for the organization is no laughing matter. IT was then rolled around slinging up salt concentrate in foot and a half deep floodwater also after this treatment due to the unexpected heavy rains.

GoldWing Land Speed Bike Saltproofing with StrongArm Fluid
Kenny Lyons with the GoldWing machine after setting several records during Speed Week by Impound and the pit area at the USA Fluid Guys Saltproofing tables.

IT's the SALT coating on the SCTA-BNI officials vehicles.
Bonneville Salt Flats Fender
Driving 50 miles per day out on the salt administrating operations results in a SALT coating over the vehicle and framework.

This vehicles shown in the videos are totally Saltproofed inside and out on Every surface. There has been NO corrosion on the machinery for the past decade of running. StrongArm Fluid takes all the detrimental effects of the salt and puts them away.
Wheel Packer Treatment By the SCTA-BNI on the Bonneville Salt Flats
SCTA-BNI Treating the Wheel Packer at the beginning of the 2015 Season as the salt grooming begins. The condition of the unit is perfect even after surviving the salt flood of 2014.
AmericanCycleFab At Starting Line
Here's Paul Friebus at the starting line on the Salt about to embark on another land speed record run with the machine shown in the video above here on this page..
Saltproofing ALL Service - Utility - Team & Vendor Trailers
Salt coated communications equipment on trailer at the Bonneville Salt Flats
Utility Trailer with Radio Towers and associated equipment is all salt coated and corroding away - here it is after hauling it out onto the salt for setup.
OMRA land speet machine saltproofed with StrongArm Fluid
OMRA Land Speed Bike on the lift at the Salt in Bonneville.
Notice how the Chain and Machine is completely Saltproofed and Rust Free
Saltproofing the radio towers at Bonneville Salt Flats.
Extreme Conditions and Worst Case Scenario... When you get out on the SALT and there's no way to remove the coating - Saltproofing with USA Fluid is applied right over the entire mess onto the metal that's already been exposed for years - right on top of the Salt coating. The salt will now wick up the Saltpfoofing and hold it over the surface like a sponge. The salt will no longer draw moisture and cause corrosion on the metal surfaces. The only other options at this point is to watch it continue to rot away and then spend More $$$ Money replacing it again so it can rot away again. Saltproofing with USA Fluid breaks that cycle of rot and replacement and rot requiring replacement over and over.
OMRA Machine at the Starting Line on the Salt with SCTA Speed Week Officials checking status for it to go down the course.

What's normally a dry salt that packs down and sticks onto everything that rolls over it - was turned upside down into a flooded lake in 2014 for SpeedWeek it became flood week....

Driving out into 5 miles of water that takes you to the Bonneville Pit Area..
Here's a close up of a flat bed truck launching out into the deep going out into the floodwater to pick up freight from the pit and administration areas out on the salt 5 miles away out in that water.
Normally this is a dry SALT Desert. A Very Cool summer season and unexpected moisture and rains turned this natural formation right back into a salt lake.
OMRA on the Salt
OMRA Land Speed Racing Machine After Setting Timing Records on the SALT. This Entire Machine - all surfaces, chains and moving parts is Treated with USA Fluid Saltproofing..
SpeedWeek Trailers and Operations Area is submerged from rains
Daily rains flooded the area by the end of the week.
Now it's not just SALT. IT's SALT Plus SALT FLOODWATER - a saturated salt solution that is getting all over vehicles, trailers and equipment. Saltproofing the frames, wiring, jacks and tongues is essential.
Michaelson Streamliner on display is Saltproofed with StrongArm Fluid
The Legendary Custom Michaelson Streamliner displayed here is totally Saltproofed with USA Fluid and ready to make land speed record runs on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Standing in Salt Water on the Bonneville Salt Flats
Two of the SCTA guys pose in floodwater by the trailer before hauling it 5 miles through the salt and floodwater to pull it back to the main road and civilization.
Saltpfroofing Canister Sitting on Wheel Packer during Grooming of the Bonneville Salt Flats for seasonal activities..
The packing machinery is on the salt and working the surface..
The officials who have worked during this time have reported that the surface is very beat up and has lots of Grey sand on the salt and the salt is extremely crystallized and crusty. Additional work will be required before this surface can even be evaluated for usage with high speed timing runs..

Washing the Engine compartment after driving 14 miles in floodwater a foot deep onto and back off the salt. The Saltproof water resistant coating was applied over a year ago and is still perfect even after driving  20,000 miles with this vehicle. See the below pictures..

Salt Grooming on the Bonneville Salt Flats with the Wheel Packer getting Treated with USA Fluid..
The surface is grayed out and jagged from the crystallized salt that results after the flooded area drys out.
Hosing Alternator and Electrics and Entire Engine Compartment with a Saltproofed StrongArm Fluid Coating..
Here's Hose Washing the entire engine compartment right over the alternator and all the components. When you have treated the entire engine compartment with USA Fluid Saltproofing it will come out waterproofed like shown in these pictures here.

Grooming Salt on Bonneville Salt Flats - Saltpfoofing the Wheel Packer and preserving it in this extreme environment..
This totally Saltproofed wheel packer started new last year before the 2014 season and still remains in pristine form. It has already survived worse SALT conditions than anything before it has ever know with the salt flood of 2014.. The previous wheel packer had completely corroded away and fallen apart. It was useless and scrapped as junk.
Salt Coated Alernator over Saltproofing with StrongArm Fluid will Wash right off.
This is the Saltproofed Alternator and compartment before washing off. The StrongArm Fluid Saltproofing is protecting it all from underneath.

Salproofing Wheel Packer on Bonneville Salt Flats..
The 6 Ton Drags are also Saltproofed - they drag right on the SALT Surface which accumulates over it as a concrete like crust..
Watersoaked Alterntor after hosing off salt coating there's a StrongArm Fluid Waterproofing that will remain for years on this alternator
After Washing like you see above it's TOTALLY WATERPROOFED. This coating was applied over a year ago. Normal use will see the coating remain on all metal preventing rust for years.
Saltproofing Canister on Wheel Packer grooming The Bonneville Salt Flats Salt Surfaces...
Closeup of the mottled surface and the machinery which is currently at work with it.
Water Washed Engine compartment remains preserved.
Here's a wider shot showing all the areas sealed up and corrosion free.
When you use USA Fluid, you laugh at salt flats and salt water corrosion. Without it you cry and spend money on a new vehicle. Sounds like a no brainier.
Saltproofing 2016 Bonneville Salt Flats Operations BNI SCTA
2016 Salt Conditions are excellent ! So Far.
Here's the drags and machinery on the salt in great shape with the Saltproofing USA Fluid and USA Foam Oil Spray on the job.
Click HERE for the picture page of the courses as they are groomed...
Saltproofing 2016 - Bonneville Salt Flats Operations BNI - SCTA
Saltpfroofed T Bird - this spectator comes to the Bonneville Salt Flats with that vehicle all the way from Vancouver.
This Vintage T-Bird is Saltproofed. The owner drives it all the way to the Bonneville Salt Flats from Vancouver, Canada.

Salt coated Service Truck during Speedweek..
This is not snow - It's 102 degrees F (38.8C) out here..
IT's the Salt Coating on one of the SCTA-BNI official's service trucks as Speedweek is getting underway.

Saltproofing the old car showng in the above videos for speedweek 2016
Totally protected against exposure.

Make sure your team and vehicles are Saltproofed with USA Fluid! Order it Now and Get Er Done !!
The cost of NOT Saltproofing your stuff is many $$ Thousands of dollars down the drain in wasted vehicles, tools and equipment.

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These SpeedWeek involvements have severe corrosion problems that impact their machinery and possessions causing unnecessary replacement and resource usage.
USA Fluid Saltproofing puts a diamonic encapsulation over ALL surfaces to prevent the attack of the SALT !! Period.

Paint - Metal - Aluminum - Bearings and Drive Train - Pumps - Vinyl - Wood Finishes - Leather - Canvas - Tool Sets - Wiring and Batteries -  USA Fluid Does this all Effortlessly..
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