Saltproofing With StrongArm Fluid is a total machine solution.
Operating in the Most Desolate WIDE OPEN Place of it's kind !!
The World Of SALT

2013 Saltproofing Operations

Saltproofing Participant Teams

American Cycle Fabrications Racer IS Saltproofed and Treated End to End with StrongArm Fluid
This American Cyclefab 37 Harley Flathead is completely Saltproofed and coated with USA Fluid over the entire machine front to back tire. Land Speed Racer Totall Saltproofed with StrongArm Fluid
AmericanCycleFab At Starting Line
Here's Paul Friebus at the starting line on the Salt about to embark on another land speed record run with the machine shown in the video above here on this page..
Kenny Lyons GoldWing Streamliner and bike on the salt
Record Setting GoldWing Bike and Streamliner out on the Salt Note: For those who have never been here: The mountains in the background are from 40 to over 100 miles away... And that's just the corner of the place! If you turn the other way it's 160 miles out over flat open Salt horizon..
Like being out in the middle of nowhere ? Then here's your place !!
GoldWing Land Speed Bike Saltproofing with StrongArm Fluid
Kenny Lyon with the GoldWing machine after setting several records during Speed Week by Impound and the food area at the USA Fluid Guys Saltproofing tables.