Saltproofing With StrongArm Fluid is a total machine solution.
Operating in the Most Desolate WIDE OPEN Place of it's kind !!
The World Of SALT

2015-16 The BNI Saltproofing Operations

Spring 2015
Post 2014 Salt Flood

Wheel Packer Treatment By the SCTA-BNI on the Bonneville Salt Flats
SCTA-BNI Treating the Wheel Packer the following spring after the flood at the beginning of the 2015 Season as the salt grooming begins. The condition of the unit is perfect even after surviving the salt flood of 2014.

Salt drying up is happening.
Saltproofing 2016 Bonneville Salt Flats Operations BNI SCTA
2016 Salt Conditions are excellent ! So Far.
Here's Pat McDowell with the drags and machinery on the salt in great shape with the Saltproofing USA Preservation Fluid and USA Foam Oil on the job.

Saltpfroofing Canister Sitting on Wheel Packer during Grooming of the Bonneville Salt Flats for seasonal activities..
The packing machinery is on the salt and working the surface..
The officials who have worked during this time have reported that the surface is very beat up and has lots of Grey sand on the salt and the salt is extremely crystallized and crusty. Additional work will be required before this surface can even be evaluated for usage with high speed timing runs..
Saltproofing 2016 - Bonneville Salt Flats Operations BNI - SCTA
Salt Grooming on the Bonneville Salt Flats with the Wheel Packer getting Treated with USA Fluid..
The surface is grayed out and jagged from the crystallized salt that results after the flooded area drys out.
Salt grooming
Grooming Salt on Bonneville Salt Flats - Saltpfoofing the Wheel Packer and preserving it in this extreme environment..
This totally Saltproofed wheel packer started new last year before the 2014 season and still remains in pristine form. It has already survived worse SALT conditions than anything before it has ever know with the salt flood of 2014.. The previous wheel packer had completely corroded away and fallen apart. It was useless and scrapped as junk.
Salt Grooming
Salproofing Wheel Packer on Bonneville Salt Flats..
The 6 Ton Drags are also Saltproofed - they drag right on the SALT Surface which accumulates over it as a concrete like crust..
Sunrise on the salt
Saltproofing Canister on Wheel Packer grooming The Bonneville Salt Flats Salt Surfaces...
Closeup of the mottled surface and the machinery which is currently at work with it.
Salt Flats at Night with Milky Way
The Salt at night with the Milky Way in Full View
In 2015 The Rains returned and continued after all this prep work, putting the salt under water again, keeping it from being usable for land speed racing. 2016 Participant # 931

At Impound right after Setting Records over 170MPH.
See the machine right after making the run on the salt.
The Saltproofing IS Fantastic.

Paul Friebus 37 Harley Record Setting Land Speed Racer
Saltproofing Statement